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  Leather Properties
The Characteristics and Benefits of North American Deerskin Leather used in our Gloves, Mittens and Choppers.

Native Americans have utilized the properties and benefits of deerskin for centuries. Deerskin leather is still in demand for leather shoes, coats, shirts and pants.  And highly in demand for Gloves and mittens.

Deerskin leather is a very special gift of nature. Soft and supple, it is no wonder that the Native Americans used it for their clothing and shoes. Tremendously versatile, it molds and contours to the hands, feet and body with incredible ease. It is comfortable and rugged – ranking as the third strongest leather available, yet giving a comforting feel to the touch.

Unlike man-made material used in manufactured gloves and mittens that appear flawless, our deerskin products are made from wildlife harvested by North American hunters, one deer at a time.  From this yearly harvest of deer, the skins are collected, prepared, and go through a complicated tanning processing.

Deerskin leather is soft and supple, which makes it a favorite for protecting our hands. It is not fragile or weak, it is rated as the third strongest leather available, featuring it’s soft texture and light weight.

Deerskin is durable, it’s soft and breathable, which means that it is less likely to make you too warm or sweaty in warm temperatures. Bikers tell us, deerskin gloves are the best at blocking the cold wind.

Our gloves and mittens being from nature, will naturally show color variations and natural grain etchings and scratches in the leather. This means, the tanning process has preserved it’s Natural Beauty.

Unlike manmade material, any skin has surface scratches and scars, and contain subtle variations in color and texture resulting in natural markings which means that the tanning process has preserved the leather in its own natural beauty. These variations in no way affect the durability or performance of the glove / mitten. Normal use will enhance the character of this leather.

Unlike cowhide gloves, Deer skin gloves and mittens have stretch width-wise and very little stretch length-wise. That means a snug fitting glove that will expand with your hand when you make a fist or grip something, but the fingers won't stretch or become floppy. The physical properties of deer skin leather is different than other types of hide. It's elongated interwoven fibers give it an extremely high strength and abrasion resistance. The spaces between the fibers make the leather soft and comfortable over a wide range of temperatures. In other words, cooler in warm weather and warmer in cold weather. No other hide has these properties!

Over all, deerskin gloves and mittens provide the best protection and comfort in all weather conditions for protecting hands and fingers.

The combination of naturally superior leather that is tanned, cut and sewn using age old processes, results in a product that truly “Fits Like A Glove”

  Liner Types

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